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It has already been more than half a year since her last project where she was not even a lead in the end and got sidelined. I wish she'll do more koreanovelas and/or movies... Miss you so much I'm not a person who follows actresses but you changed that, I really like your personality and I love your dramas, from now on I give all my support, I will continue your dramas and movies, from today you are my favorite actress! but then with the death of his grandparents and dad 2 years later.

i just learned about leetuk family death that happened a year ago.

Your character in the play is sensational, inspiring and educational. Tell me, do behave the same in your true life style You make South Korea proud. Madi Uganda Unni you are definitely a talented actress, you have a bright future ahead of you just always and always be humble and let fate takeover your career. and I finished watching 'we got married' series with kang sora and leutuk. and due to the fact that there relationshiped was aired they couldn't actually show how they really felt completely.

The project you did that i loved the most was Ugly Alert, it was a long drama that made you portray and develop your character more and made me even like you. I will always be your fan and i hope you can have a comeback drama as soon as possible...fighting unni!!! Is her agent sleeping, on a permanent holiday or what? i really do hope you will get a pair with a hot guy in a new drama. and I was thinking that after he came back that could have a real relationship together.

But ..They are the most down to earth people and yes their moments are so subtle, but that doesn't mean they're not real.

When the first time I watch their moment I got a weird feeling saying that they are REAL. And I believe that both Yoona and Donghae are the types of loyal people, so I suppose they'll continue on for a long long time in the future (yes, I believe that they are real that much. Hope Yoonhae always happy and we are pyros always will support Uri Yoonhae...

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